The goal of Tossing Seeds is to be a one-stop-shop for any small, local business that needs professional, in the trenches design & web work, and marketing guidance. With over 25 years of personal experience owning and running local businesses, we know how to keep you light on your feet while providing the look, feel, and guidance you need to stay on top of the ever changing retail world.

Speaking of guidance, we are pro’s at that. Having done dozens upon dozens of retail and marketing panels at professional tradeshows across the country, we are in the unique position to consult and guide your small business through both clear and muddy waters – as we’ve seen plenty of both.

Lastly, do you need full or part-time management? We can help there as well. With a hands-on-hands-off approach, we can whip your business into shape quickly, streamlining processes, data, and employee procedures with our decades of experience in the real world.

Feel free to contact us anytime via our website, email, or at (919) 638-5540 to set up a hassle free, easy going meeting so we can shake hands and assess your business needs face to face.

~Todd Canipe, founder & CEO