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EZ Flow Window Cleaning

EZ Flow Window Cleaning

Project Type: Graphic & Print Design, Form Design

We were approached by local window cleaning & power washing firm EZ Flow to assess a marketing project and after meeting with the owner, Geoffrey Gay, we were very excited to tackle his needs.

Implementation: With the spring season coming up he wanted to get a jump on the competition and have us rework and create a vibrant flyer and coupon-based campaign. Already having a good template to work with, we provided our design eye and expertise in local marketing to achieve his goals. We created two different flyers, as Geoffrey stated his needs might be different depending on the situation.

Next up Geoffrey expressed a need to have his invoice / estimate paperwork redesigned, as to mold it more to his needs today as compared to when it was originally designed. Having done dozens of project such as this over the past two decades we gladly accepted this challenge, and churned out brand-new versions of each, designed from the ground-up with a new, more sensical layout and modernized type-facing.

Lastly, Geoffrey wanted an updated business card design, one more modern and eye-catching. He is an energetic and driven young man, so we wanted a card that was both striking visually, but also represented the modernization taking place in his industry as younger and younger entrepreneurs are entering the field.

Below is a gallery of all the work we did for EZ Flow, and we hope to work with them again on future projects when the need arises!

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EZ Flow Window Cleaning

EZ Flow Window Cleaning, design & print work by Tossing Seeds, LLC.

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