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HERO’S Pub & Sandwich Shop

HERO’S Pub & Sandwich Shop, Raleigh, NC

Project Type: Web Design

Implementation: Our friends at HERO’S PUB in North Raleigh reached out to us about designing a website for their bar and restaurant. They wanted to keep it simple and clean, but also to reflect the personality of their unique business. We started off with WordPress and customized a flexible template to meet their needs, which included a static homepage, events calendar, and menu for starters. They also wanted a consistent color scheme throughout, that reflected both their business and the shopping center they’re in.

The beauty of this flexible solution is that the owners and crew at HERO’S can post updates and changes to their hearts content, without the knowledge of coding or the risk of breaking the site.

Look for us to continue to add features to the HERO’S site over the coming months as well, always keeping it fresh and new.

RALEIGH, NC, 27615

HERO'S PUB &HERO'S Pub & Sandwich Shop, Raleigh NC SANDWICH SHOP

HERO’S Pub & Sandwich Shop, site and graphics designed by Tossing Seeds, LLC

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