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Vertical Urge

VERTICAL URGE Skateboard & Snowboard Shop, Raleigh, NC

Project Type: Web Design, Online Store, Graphic Design, Full Marketing Suite

A project that’s near and dear to our hearts for obvious reasons, we have been doing graphic design, web design, and marketing for Vertical Urge since the late 1990’s. Not a task to take lightly, handling an entire suite of services for a nationally recognized, award winning business in their industry. Good thing we know them, haha.

Implementation: For starters, we start off with WordPress as the backbone, and then highly customize it on the backend, giving the Vertical Urge site a very modern and high-end feel. Since the site is almost 20 years old, there is a ton of content to be dealt with and showcased, so the navigation and page system is dense to say the least, featuring not only news & blog posts, but multi informational pages, art archives, video and more. Put simply, the main Vertical Urge site is monstrous.

For their ecommerce component, we partnered with BigCommerce for a highly customizable and flexible shopping cart experience both for the crew at VU and their customers alike. We worked hard with them to ensure that graphically the sites tie together well, utilizing the same color and typeface schemes whenever possible.

On the marketing side we have created an entire archive of art, logos, graphics, flyers, and more for VU over the past 20+ years, just some of which are showcased here. We’ve also worked hard over the years to ensure their best foot is always forward in regards to social media and the like, always working towards the goal of giving their customers a unique experience – whether in store or online.

Lastly, we worked with them on the curation and design of their proprietary head-to-toe clothing brand over the past year, VU ORIGINALS. Providing design direction, logo work, and hangtag design, we are very proud to have been a part of this local endeavor.

RALEIGH, NC, 27615
(919) 803-0954

Vertical Urge, site designed by Tossing Seeds, LLC

Vertical Urge, site designed by Tossing Seeds, LLC

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